Who Can Help?

Taking action with a complaint

In the event of a problem or a dispute it is often easiest to contact the company directly, and to try and resolve the issue immediately.

There also is the possibility of contacting a National regulatory body or a Consumer Association. Information about these organizations can be found on the following website of the EU-Commission:


If a company is not responsive to your calls and letters, you can contact ERA EUROPE at info@era-europe.eu.

In the case of a legal dispute you should contact a lawyer.

Please note that ERA is a European Association. Should there be a complaint against an electronic retailer BEARING THE SHOP WITH CONFIDENCE SEAL, ERA will endeavour to help and support you. Although ERA may be in a position to influence its members, it cannot provide legal advice or be held legally responsible for any support given in the event of a dispute. For legal support and advice please consult with a lawyer. Please be aware that exercising some of your legal rights is subject to time constraints.